Welcome to All Things Beauty! Founded July 14, 2015.

All Things Beauty is a Facebook Makeup Group Founded by Makeup Enthusiast Bundles W. . Being obsessed with makeup and all this beauty related, she decided that it was time to create her own group after being a member of so many other makeup groups. The group had very humble beginnings by starting off small and expanding into a growing and popular Instagram page, @Allthingsbeautyfb. With many members and very dedicated admins the group prospered and even partnered up with City Colors Cosmetics a few times. In 2016 due to growing privacy concerns the groups founder took a leave from the group and from social media. The group took a hit because of this and member participation took a turn for the worst. However, with much power comes great responsibility.

In 2017, with the revival of her makeup passion and personal dedication, the group will eventually rise again from the ashes and reclaim the spot as the top Makeup Facebook Group and as a social media ICON through their Instagram presence. Join us on Facebook and Instagram.